Acquisition Client
     ScribeStation provides a small application which runs on a pen users PC in the system tray. This client works differently for each device but provides one universal interface.

The Acquisition Client requires a ScribeStation account. To create an account, click here. See below for more information on the client.

Step 1: Logging In

     When starting up the client, you will be prompted for your login information. Enter your account information and click Login. Note: If there are any updates to the Acquisition Client you will be prompted to update before logging in.

Step 2: Docking Pen

     Once the Acquisition Client is loaded you will see the client in the ready state.

     Dock your digital pen to start the transfer to ScribeStation. You data will be transferred. Note: If you would only like to transfer data for certain penlets or custom penlets you can change the settings in the online admin section.

Step 3: Data Transfer Complete

     Once the data transfer has been completed you can safely remove your pen. It will then be ready for any additional pen docking. The acquisition client can also be minimized to the system tray.


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