Digital pen technology has been available in many formats for several years. Those familiar with the industry know about the high cost of pattern, toolkits and licensing. While developing digital pen software for many years the people behind ScribeStation noticed commonality throughout their applications. All the applications provided the following:
  • Ability to design a paper form
  • Ability to assign dot pattern to a form
  • Ability to print a form
  • Ability to retrieve that information written on a form from a pen
     Once the data was off the pen and into a usable format (XML, TEXT, GIF, PDF, etc.) it was then put into a workflow system and everything became standard run-of-the-mill business applications.

     ScribeStation provides the core functionality needed to quickly and efficiently add the use of digital pens to any existing application. We do this by providing a form management tool, data acquisition client and a simple API for developers to use for data retrieval. Click on an item below to learn more:


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